Gorgonzola Piccante DOP

Region: Lombardia

The rind of this cheese is hard and compact. The color of the rind is brownish red. The paste is firm with the typical grey green mould. The taste is strong, sharp, intense, long and aromatic. The aftertaste is long, sharp and piccante. Curios facts:only two Italian regions by law and tradition foresee the production of Gorganzola, and only these provinces: Novara, Varcelli, Cuneo, Biella, Verbania e Casale Monferrato, Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Milano, Monza, Pavia e Varese. Only the milk from the breeders in these provinces can be used to produce and so give the protected denomination (D.O.P.) to the Gorganzola cheese.

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