Square Grill Pan

Enjoy your favorite grilled foods anytime with this convenient grill pan. A shallow, 2 cm (1.6 inch) lip ensures easy access to flip bacon, grilled sandwiches, veggie skewers and more. Its substantial 28×28 cm (11×11 inch) cooking area can accommodate even large cuts of meat. Try indoor grilling at its best – Swiss Diamond’s grill pan heats evenly and is guaranteed to never warp. The ribbed grill base imparts additional health advantages to any food by draining off grease to reduce fat. And Swiss Diamond’s state-of-the-art nonstick coating makes clean-up simple: hot water and soap removes even burned-on food particles in just a few wipes.

Product ID: #63281

Dimensions: 28x28cm (11" x 11")

Weight: 1.78kg (3.92lb)

Depth: 4cm (1.57")

Volume: 2.4L (2.5qt)

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