Saucepan with Lid 16cm

The smallest Swiss Diamond saucepan at 16 cm (6.3 inches), this model is ideal for small quantities of delicious sauces and also as an oversized butter warmer. It holds 1.3 liters (1.4 quarts) so it can also be used for cooking petite vegetables or individual portions of porridge, oatmeal or grits. The included lid is made of tempered glass – easy to see through for ultimate visibility of your recipe’s headway. Swiss Diamond saucepans have a thick bottom and use heavy cast aluminum throughout so the food warms uniformly with very little stirring. With Swiss Diamond, there is no need to hover over the stove while your gravy thickens! It will not scorch or burn. And the technologically advanced coating, made with real diamonds, keeps clean-up simple no matter what you are making.

Product ID: #6716c

Dimensions: 16cm (6.3")

Weight: 0.98kg (2.16lb)

Depth: 8cm (3.15")

Volume: 1.3L (1.4qt)