Oval Fry Pan with Lid – 26x38cm

The unique shape of Swiss Diamond’s 38 cm (15 inch) oval fry pan solves a common problem. Most skillets are too small to pan-fry or steam an entire fish or large fillet; the ones that are big enough waste heat energy on the large area left uncovered by the food. With an oval pan, you get the space you need without excess. Combined with cast aluminum construction, the efficient design reduces the heat energy needed to cook fish and other large entrees. The pan is also safe to use in the oven up to 260 C (500 F) for ultimate convenience. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, confident grip no matter what you are cooking. Use this pan on any gas or electric stove.

Product ID: #6538c

Dimensions: 26x38cm (10.25" x 15")

Weight: 2.64kg (5.82lb)

Depth: 6cm (2.17")

Volume: 4L (4.2qt)