Double-Burner Grill / Griddle Combo – 43x28cm

Get the best of both worlds: an electric griddle and a grill pan. The Double-Burner Grill/Griddle combo has a 43×28 cm (17 x 11 inch) cooking surface, half of which is a smooth griddle and the other half is a ridged grill top. It makes an ideal American breakfast pan: cook pancakes or flapjacks on the griddle – they will flip easily, even without butter or oil, for a healthy option. Use the other half of the surface to cook grilled vegetables, bacon, sausage or other accompaniments. The ridged base separates the food from the grease for perfectly crispy bacon, and sears vegetables and sausage for a rich, caramelized exterior to enhance flavor.

Product ID: #64328-2

Dimensions: 43x28cm (17" x 11")

Weight: 2.64kg (5.82lb)

Depth: 3cm (1")

Volume: 2L (2.1qt)