Roaster with Lid

Ideal for roasting pork loin or braising pot roast, this versatile piece of bakeware can also be used to bake casseroles or cook chili. The non stick roaster is 11 cm (4 inches) deep inside, and holds up to 5 liters (5.3-quarts) of liquid. Measuring 33×21 cm (13 x 8.3 inches), it can accommodate a small to medium-size roast. While of course it is oven safe (up to 260 C / 500 F), it can also be used on the stove to sear the meat before roasting for additional flavor. Swiss Diamond’s state-of-the-art surface contains real diamonds – which conduct heat four times better than copper – allowing it to brown and sear food for a rich exterior, even creating savory pan drippings to flavor gravies. Constructed in high-quality cast aluminum to distribute heat consistently around the entire roast or casserole, it also inhibits burning on the bottom. Braising is easy with the included glass cover’s adjustable vent – simply close the vent to keep in steam, or open it to release.

Product ID: #61033c

Dimensions: 21x33cm (8.3" x 13")

Weight: 2.16kg (4.76lb)

Depth: 11cm (4")

Volume: 5L (5.3qt)

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