Crepe Pan – 26cm

The perfect crepe can be hard to make, but it doesn’t have to be! This Swiss Diamond Nonstick Crepe pan measures 26 cm (10.25 inch) to make large crepes with ease. But crepes are not all this versatile pan is good for. The nonstick pan is ideal for breakfast and beyond. Its unique sloping sidewall, across from the ergonomic handle, makes it easy to flip, fold, and serve your creation, whether it is crepes, omelets, pancakes or anything else you cook in the morning. Its patented design was a finalist in the Housewares Design Awards. In addition to an innovative design, the Swiss Diamond Crepe Pan features a cast aluminum body for even heat distribution and no warping, along with the diamond-reinforced nonstick coating.

Product ID: #6226

Dimensions: 26cm (10.25")

Weight: 1.20kg (2.65lb)

Depth: N/A

Volume: N/A

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