Fry Pan with Lid – 32cm

The largest Fry Pan in the Swiss Diamond collection, this 32 cm (12.5 inch) skillet is ideal for your biggest meals, including full-size cuts of meat and one-dish recipes. The tempered glass lid is sturdy to withstand years of use and incorporates an adjustable steam valve to easily regulate the moisture level inside the pan. Searing meats like stainless steel is easy with Swiss Diamond’s innovative coating – diamonds conduct heat four times better than copper, allowing the pan to reach searing temperature over medium heat. Simply preheat the pan for 2-3 minutes, until a droplet of water splashed in the pan starts to gently spit and jump. Best of all, there is no elbow grease needed after the meal to remove the fond. Hot water and a soapy sponge will easily remove all food residue without scrubbing.

Product ID: #6432c

Dimensions: 32cm (12.5")

Weight: 2.74kg (6.04lb)

Depth: 5cm (1.77")

Volume: 3L (3.2qt)

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